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Human Machine Interface
Human Machine Interface

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On its release in 1988 as the first ever programmable display, MONITOUCH Human Interface Machine, augured in a new era of human-machine interface technology.

Today it is used as an information terminal for countless different purposes in production sites all over the world.

The total number of HMIs delivered by Fuji Electric has reached over one million.

Our new lineup offers an impressive array of new, cutting-edge features specifically designed to meet our customers' needs.


Programming service of Human Machine Interface 
Programming service of Human Machine Interface 

The team of engineers in our Solutions Department will help you develop your human machine interface program to optimize and improve your machines.

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Benefits of using HMI interface and system for your machines

  1. Our screens guarantee your investments thanks to their software and hardware reliability and compatibility.
  2. It is possible to transfer a program from an old model to a new model.
  3. Panel cut sizes are maintained.
  1. These screens are at the center of industrial systems and serve as operator interfaces but also gateways, recipe storage or data rec.
  2. HMI interfaces are at the heart of processes between sensors, measuring instruments, temperature controllers and motion and drives. They also allow data exchange with supervisory PC or ERP.
  3. All our touch screen displays are simultaneously Modbus RTU/TCP Master/Slave.

In the field of the process and particularly heat treatment, the use of a touch screen allows the addition of essential functions offering:

  1. Manage control easily
  2. Manage recipes, alarms and events
  3. Acquire further processing measures and record all measurements
  4. Ensure traceability (lot number, operator, etc.)
  5. Automatically print a report at the end of processing
  6. Exchange information to a supervisor or an ERP
  7. Integrate maintenance and metrology

Avantages des écrans industriels IHM

Discover Fuji Electric Human Machine Interface

All our HMI interfaces offer Master/Slave configuration and Modbus RTU and TCP communication.
A unique HMI programming software to set all your Human Machine Interfaces. Free V-SFT software updates available on our website.