Fuji Electric France opening in 1995

- Fuji Electric is moving to France -

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. relocated the European sales and production headquarters for pressure transmitters to Clermont-Ferrand, France.


Manufacturing of Measurement Cells commences

- May 1996 -

Sales network development: A French sales network is created and the first agency is opened in Paris.

- December 1996 -

Manufacturing of Measurement Cells commences, including the installation of a 10,000 class clean room (ISO 7).


First Fuji Electric pressure transmitters

- International accreditation -

Fuji Electric France set up a quality assurance system to achieve external accreditation of our quality management system.
It obtained ISO 9000 certification and it’s committed to continuous improvement.


beginning of gas analysis development

- Beginning of gas analysis development -


- Continuous products improvment  -

A dedicated Research & Development department is created for pressure transmitters

Quality & environement

- Quality management -

- Implementation of an integrated management system based on continuous improvement and in accordance with international standards -


Green navigation

- Green Navigation -

Conserving the global environment and creating a low-carbon society are important responsability for all companies.
At the same time, company management must above all ensure cost competitiveness and provide the best products to the market.
A good balance of investment for environmental consciousness and investment for profits is the most important management issue for the future.


Fuji Electric strives to improve the efficiency of equipment and facility usage, increases productivity, and provides maintenance and develops quality while aiming to achieve a good balance of environmental improvement and cost improvement to provide environment and energy-saving solutions.

We call this Green Navigation

Fuji Electric France célèbre ses 20 ans

- From 1995 to 2015 -

Fuji Electric France celebrated its 20th anniversary and opened its brand new pressure transmitter manufacturing plant in Cournon-d’Auvergne, France.