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Conditions for returning a device

After Sales Service & Repairing

Fuji Electric France does its utmost to guarantee the proper functioning of its measurement and control devices during commissioning and all through the product life cycle.
If, however, you have to return a product for an appraisal or a repair, or to send us any other complaint, we invite you to complete the form " decontamination certificate"  at the bottom of the page

Conditions for returning a device to Fuji Electric for any products

  1. Write operation conditions of the device, defects found on it and any additionnal information which could assist us in troubleshooting. Attached the paper to the device while returning it to Fuji Electric after sales service.
  2. In order to avoid damage during transport, use the original packaging if possible to ship the device. If this is not possible, a new packaging must be made in order to protect the device as well as possible. The equipment will be inspected upon receipt and returned to the shipper if the packaging is not found to be in conformity or if damage due to improper packaging is detected

Conditions for returning a device which have been in contact with toxic substance

Due to regulations about environmental and workforce protection, Fuji Electric France technicians cannot manipulate, test or repair any returned devices that have been in contact with substance risky to the environment or themselves. This means that Fuji Electric France will take care of the maintenance of your device only if you shipped your device with the declaration of decontamination, completed and signed,  and confirm that the handling of the device is safe.
All devices returned without its declaration of decontamination will not be unwrapped.

If the device has been used with toxic, caustic, flammable or water polluting products, you must :

  1. Check and ensure that all cavities are free of these hazardous substances. If necessary you have to rinse or neutralize any toxic substances.
  2. Attached the decontamination certificate to the product, confirme that its handling is safe, indicate the measured product and the product used to clean the device

Document to be attached to the device upon return

Decontamination certificate and sender information - WORD 
Decontamination certificate and sender information - PDF