Who we are

Manufacturer of pressure transmitters and expert in gas analysis solutions

We help industries produce cleaner energy by using our state-of-the-art instrumentation solutions that measure their fluids and monitor their gas emissions.

Specialist in industrial instrumentation and process automation

We also optimize industrial processes so they can save money, reduce operating costs and operation time while improving the overall efficiency of their plant in a cleaner and more sustainable way, for today's global transition to clean power sources.

Tailor-made solutions to save energy and clean the gas emission

Our mission

our mission

We help our customers by providing products and systems that use energy efficiently and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry. Our goal is to create measurement solutions that contribute to the resolution of energy management problems, through the pursuit of technological innovation in electric and thermal energy. We strive for continuous improvement and are committed to environmental protection. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible service and support.

Fuji Electric France operates in the following industrial sectors to help save energy and protect the environment: oil and gas industries, nuclear sector, renewable energies, chemical and petrochemical industries, food and pharmaceutical industries, water and environment sector, pulp and paper industries, mining industries, waste-to-energy industries, thermal energies, cement industries, metallurgy industries, glass industries, maritime sector.


Enthusiastic, ambitious and sensitive, we aim for designs that promote responsible and sustainable societies through our energy and environmental businesses.

You’re In the Right Place If…

you've come to the right place if

If you're looking for a company that can help you save energy and preserve the environment, Fuji Electric France is a great option.
Fuji Electric France can assist you with products and systems that measure and optimize energy efficiency and monitor your gas emissions.

We have over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of pressure transmitters, gas analysis systems, industrial instrumentation and process automation solutions.
We have a wide range of products and services that are available worldwide.

We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their environmental goals.
We aim to provide our customers with the best possible service and support.

What we do

what we do

We provide measurement instrumentation solutions to optimize industrial processes to save energy and help industries to produce clean energy for the global energy transition.

We provide gas analysis solutions to monitor and reduce the industry's gas emissions to reach the net-zero goals to preserve the environment.

As an instrumentation specialist, pressure transmitter manufacturer and gas analysis expert, our expertise extends to all industrial measurement solutions: pressure measurement, flow measurement, level measurement, temperature control, gas analysis systems and radiation monitoring.

The company offers a wide range of measuring instruments and process automation devices, including pressure transmitters, level sensors, ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, flow and energy calculators, gas analysers, dust measuring devices, temperature controllers, electronic personal dosimeters and neutron survey meters, PLC, HMI, software, and IIOT solutions.

We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle: planning, system design, automation, engineering, manufacturing of measuring instruments, factory acceptance, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance contracts, device repair, metrology of your instrumentation and training.

our story

Our story

We are a group of engineers, scientists and professionals who have come together to form the first contact for instrumentation.

Fuji Electric France is a subsidiary of the Japanese group Fuji Electric Co. Ltd. which was founded in 1923.

Located in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the company manufactures a complete range of pressure transmitters and gas analysers systems since 1995. We offer an international sales and service distribution network.
With over 140 employees, Fuji Electric France strives to provide the best possible service and support to their customers while promoting responsible and sustainable societies.

With an EGAPRO 2024 index of 81/100, we promote genderequality, diversity and equal opportunities.

Technical expertise, co-engineering and innovation

technical expertise co engineering and innovation

We do things differently

Our technical expertise, co-engineering, and innovation allow us to provide the best possible service to our customers.
We work closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
We work with you as a partner and provide integration services.
All of our products are backed by comprehensive services and support, ensuring that your needs are always met.

Solve complex problems in specific applications

Recognized as the premier contact for your instrumentation's needs, we have the ability to provide you with a tailored-made solution business.
We excel in the ability to solve complex problems for your specific applications.

All-in-one energy efficiency and environment protection turnkey solutions

turnkey solutions

The power consumption and CO2 emissions of your facilities can be measured and optimized using Fuji Electric technologies, which allow you to accurately assess your energy use and pollution as well as calculate the yields of your installations.

Engineers and experts from Fuji Electric assist you in the development and implementation of your measurement plan to help you get the most out of your equipment.
You can use Fuji Electric technologies for energy monitoring and optimization to accurately measure your consumption and emissions, calculate production yields, set up energy performance indicators, and optimize equipment.
We utilize these technologies to improve your process and the quality of your production.

Optimized solutions and premium services to solve environmental problems

The world is changing and with it the way we view environmentalism. It’s no longer about making small sacrifices or doing what we can to help; it’s about making a real impact.
That’s where our business comes in.
We offer optimized solutions and premium services to solve environmental problems for our customers.
We’re committed to providing the highest quality service and products available, and our team of experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right.

High reliability and product excellence

High reliability and product's excellence are two of the most important qualities a business can offer its customers.

When a business is able to consistently deliver high-quality products, it builds trust with its customers.

This trust leads to customer loyalty, which is essential for any business that wants to succeed in the long run.

Competitive delivery times and high-quality products

The competitive delivery times ensure that the customer receives the product in a timely manner, while the high quality of the products ensures that the customer is satisfied with the purchase.
In addition, manufacturing the products in France allows for high-quality control and a quick turnaround time.

Responsive, efficient customer service

A business can only be successful if it provides quality products and services that meet the needs of its customers. In order to do this, a business must have a customer service department that is reactive and efficient.
This means that the department is able to respond quickly to customer inquiries and complaints and resolve them in a timely manner.
Our customer service department ensures your satisfaction throughout your journey.

Instrument follow-up throughout the entire life cycle

Instruments follow-up throughout the entire life cycle is important to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product.
With our metrology and maintenance services, you can be sure that your measuring instruments will perform at their best now and in the future.

Are you looking for a reliable company to help you save energy and reduce your gas emissions?

We offer high-quality products and services that are designed to meet your needs.
We're committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, and we're confident that we can exceed your expectations.