Optimising water management with ultrasonic flow meters

At a time when the management of water resources is becoming everyone's battle- government institutions, industry and private individuals alike - ultrasonic flowmeters can help preserve this resource.

The installation of ultrasonic flowmeters allows the detection of possible leaks and the optimisation water treatment processes and its distribution.

Optimising water management with ultrasonic flowmeters

Water is a precious resource, and droughts, falling water tables and changing rainfall patterns affect a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to industry.

To protect this resource, governments are introducing regulations to preserve it and control its use.

In France, for example, the Act no. 92-3 of January 3, 1992 defined water as the nation's common heritage of the nation and its protection was declared to be of general interest.

More recently, the French President proposed a series of measures, entitled the " Plan Eau" (translated : Water Plan), which objective is to rework the national water management policy to match the challenges of climate change. In particular, by adopting habits that enable water use to be sober over the long term, by modernising distribution networks to combat leakage, and by helping large water consumers to transform their water uses. 

Better water management starts with accurate and reliable optimization and control of water and wastewater distribution and management facilities.  

accurate and reliable optimization and control·of water

Especially since these facilities are important to cities of all sizes around the world. 

Fuji Electric is well aware of these concerns, and offers solutions to optimise the management of clean and waste water resources using ultrasonic flow meters for plants in charge of these operations, as well as for municipalities and communities in charge of water distribution in towns and villages.

The ultrasonic flowmeter for water and wastewater applications

The ultrasonic flowmeter for water and wastewater applications

Operators working in clean water or wastewater treatment plants need accurate and reliable information about their plant's flows, volumes and performance.

The use of an ultrasonic flow meter in these facilities can provide this data in a wide range of applications.

measuring water flow extraction sources

Ultrasonic flow meter for water extraction 

Firstly, the ultrasonic flowmeter can be used in the extraction and pumping water from its source.

It can be used to measure water flow directly from the various extraction sources:

  • wells,

  • water tanks and reservoirs,

  • buried water chambers,

  • flooded water chambers,

  • water towers,

  • pumping stations, also known as lift stations

In addition, it is crucial to carry out regular checks on the extraction of water in order to better manage this resource. These checks ensure that the amount of water extracted does not deplete the source or cause environmental damage.

It is therefore important to accurately measure the amount of water withdrawn and to ensure that it remains within the limits prescribed by local institutions. 

It is therefore necessary to choose a flowmeter that is capable of monitoring the water withdrawal accurately, reliably and with an exact repeatability function. It is also necessary to take into account the different characteristics of the installation, such as the composition of the water.

The advantage of an ultrasonic flow meter for these installations is that it is non-invasive. Therefore, it cannot be damaged by any sediment, stones, salinity or chemicals present in the water at the time of extraction.  

The reliability and accuracy of this instrument makes it a first choice for industries and municipalities involved in clean water or wastewater extraction applications.

Ultrasonic flowmeter for clean and waste waters treatment processes

Ultrasonic flowmeter for clean and waste waters treatment processes

The fitting of an ultrasonic flow meter can also be used to monitor the efficiency and performance of the plant when treating clean or waste water.

It will allow for the following: 

  • Check volumes and flows of treated water, 
  • Ensure the efficiency of the treatment process,
  • Detect any faults in the water treatment system.

In addition, the ultrasonic technology of the flowmeter ensures that the instrument is not affected by the composition of the water prior to treatment or by the chemicals used in the treatment of clean and waste water. 

Ultrasonic flowmeters for water transport and distribution

Ultrasonic flowmeters for water transport and distribution

An ultrasonic flowmeter can also be used in various stages of drinking water supply to check that there is no loss of flow or volume during the transport of the water and to ensure optimum process performance. In addition, the measurement of drinking water flows is governed by various regulations. It is therefore necessary to ensure accurate, reliable and efficient measurements throughout the water transport process. 

The use of an ultrasonic flow meter in the water distribution system will allow operators to : 

Water utilities can effectively increase their revenues by using ultrasonic flow meters for their high and low flow applications, such as during the night.

In addition, these flow meters maintain their accuracy over time and do not require regular maintenance. 

Ultrasonic flowmeter for water source maintenance activities

Ultrasonic flowmeter for water source maintenance activities

Ultrasonic flowmeters are also instruments to be considered in the construction and maintenance of water sources.

Water maintenance companies are responsible for the maintenance of existing water wells and water treatment facilities for water utilities. To carry out their maintenance activities or to build new wells, they need accurate and reliable flow measurements.

In the context of well treatment, it is necessary to measure the volume of water withdrawn to determine the water level and its evolution. This is because local institutions require these companies to accurately measure the volume of water pumped and discharged during well maintenance, high pressure cleaning or chemical regeneration for example.

portable ultrasonic flowmeter

In addition, where there is no access to power, such as in grassland and forest areas, or where the pipe network is convoluted, the Fuji Electric FSC portable ultrasonic flowmeter is an ideal solution as it can be easily installed and operated with its two clamp-on sensors and internal battery powered digital converter.

The ultrasonic flowmeter, whether portable or fixed, is a versatile and easy to use measuring instrument that is highly effective at various stages of the clean or waste water management and distribution process. With this simple to use device, you are assured of better overall plant performance and process efficiency.

Ultrasonic flowmeters: an excellent alternative to electromagnetic flowmeters for waters management

Ultrasonic flowmeters are devices that measure the velocity of fluids using ultrasonic waves. This innovative technology is commonly used in various industries to measure the flow velocity of liquids.

As clean water and wastewater facilities strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs, choosing ultrasonic flowmeters offers several advantages over electromagnetic flowmeters for flow measurement.

Unlike electromagnetic flowmeters, the installation of an ultrasonic flowmeter does not require production downtime, since ultrasonic technology allows the instrument to be installed without having to cut, drill or weld the pipe. 

This efficient and cost-effective method of installation on existing installations ensures accurate and reliable flow measurement at all stages of processing.  

The ultrasonic flowmeter is a long-term solution for both clean and wastewater management facilities.

Leak detection

Detecting leak in the pipe network

The ultrasonic flowmeter is used to meet one of the main objectives of the water plan, i.e. the fight against leaks and the modernisation of the water network.

The continuous measurement of the flow rate allows the flowmeter to identify deviations and to detect possible leaks in the pipe network. 

Thanks to the advanced electronics developed for the flowmeter, the accuracy of the flow rate is as high as ±1%, with a maximum response time of 1 second, which allows operators working on the network to solve the leakage problem quickly and efficiently.  

Adaptability to pure and impure water

Adaptability to pure and impure water 

 The ultrasonic flowmeter is a reliable measuring instrument which, thanks to ultrasonic technology, is suitable for clean liquids, such as clear and potable water, but is also suitable for liquids containing small amounts of suspended solids, such as surface water or raw wastewater.  

This makes the flowmeter ideal for water treatment plants as they can accurately measure the flow of water at different stages of the treatment process. 

Versatility and mobility with the portable ultrasonic flow meter

Versatility and mobility with the portable ultrasonic flow meter 

The portable ultrasonic flowmeter offers great flexibility when measuring flow at multiple locations.  

Whether you are dealing with pipes, tanks or vessels, this device can be used to make accurate flow measurements of clean or waste water. It is a particularly valuable tool for installations with complicated pipework. Because of its portability, it allows measurements to be taken easily and quickly.  

In short, the portable ultrasonic flowmeter is the ideal tool for reliable and efficient water flow measurement. 

Hygienic and non-intrusive

Hygienic and non-intrusive

Ultrasonic flowmeters are a non-intrusive solution for measuring water flow without having to come into contact with the liquid. External transducers mounted outside the pipe ensure accurate measurement while providing a hygienic environment for drinking water.

This technology is particularly useful in environments where sanitary requirements are essential for water treatment plants and drinking water distribution networks. 

By choosing an ultrasonic flow meter, municipalities and communities can be assured that the water treatment and supply is kept clean and safe for their residents.

No maintenance required

No maintenance required 

The ultrasonic flowmeter is a flow measurement instrument with many advantages, including total freedom from maintenance. It requires no calibration or regular cleaning, making it a cost-effective and reliable solution for clean and waste water transport companies and water treatment plants.

The ultrasonic flowmeter is an economical, easy-to-install and accurate alternative for measuring water flow in wastewater treatment plants, as well as in clean water tanks and reservoirs. 

Ultrasonic flowmeters: the solution for optimising waters management

The versatility of portable flow meter

Water and wastewater management operations are complex and involve a wide range of flow measurement applications. They require the highest accuracy and reliability of flowmeters, as well as long-term stability at optimum cost.

time-delta-c ultrasonic flow meter

The political and environmental context makes the concern for clean water and wastewater treatment ever greater and the need for accurate and reliable measurements ever more important. 

advanced type time-delta-c ultrasonic flow meter

Fuji Electric 's flow measurement solutions meet these requirements with ultrasonic flowmeters that are economical, easy to install and accurate.

cost-effective, reliable and accurate solution for industrial and municipal customers

These flowmeters are a cost-effective, reliable and accurate solution for industrial and municipal customers.

Moreover, the installation of these instruments allows a quick and significant return on investment.

Are you looking to optimise your water and wastewater treatment facilities?

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