6 essential criteria to ensure a safety function with a nuclear pressure transmitter

Nuclear pressure transmitters are used extensively in the nuclear industry, and have been designed to meet specific, stringent demands during the lifetime of a plant or for specific applications.

When selecting a nuclear pressure transmitter, you must follow certain guidelines.
To truly protect your system against failure, you need to make the right choice when it comes to qualification, performance and quality.


Criteria for selecting a nuclear pressure transmitter

The nuclear industry is a mature industry with well-known processes and reliability requirements.
These requirements are defined by customers, process producers and legal regulations governing all aspects of safety.

Pressure transmitters have guaranteed the performance of nuclear systems for decades.
In light of recent incidents around the world, we need to set standards that elevate the function of this device to an even higher level than before.

An indisputable quality approach

1. An indisputable quality approach and a safety culture

A quality approach is essential to guarantee :

  • control of manufacturing processes
  • supply chain traceability
  • ongoing team training
  • customer technical support

A qualified lifetime

2. A qualified lifetime

The performance and operability of your pressure transmitter must be guaranteed over time, even under accidental conditions.

Approved connectors

3. Approved connectors

Electrical connections must be quick-disconnect 1/4-turn, and must meet the most demanding qualifications.

Seals that meet your requirements

4. Seals that meet your requirements

Pressure sensor seals must be PMUC-certified and offer high radiation tolerance.

High-performance, reliable electronics

5. High-performance, reliable electronics

  • If you use Smart-type intelligent pressure transmitters, they must have undergone rigorous robustness tests.
  • Alternatively, you can use pressure transmitters analog devices, without any programmable digital components, which guarantee high resistance to irradiation and ensure cybersecurity.

Wide variety of process connections

6. Wide variety of process connections

Process connections must be made of resistant materials according to the nature of the process fluid.

Classic or diaphragm seals connections must be adapted to your installation.

  • Flanges
  • O.D. 3/8 tube to be welded
  • Screw adapter
  • Flushing rings

Fuji Electric pressure transmitters for the nuclear industry

Fuji Electric pressure transmitters for the nuclear industry

Our pressure transmitters nuclear products meet all the requirements of the nuclear industry and are made in France.

6 essential safety criteria pressure transmitter

Safety - Reliability - Performance

  • Quality and safety
  • Qualified lifetime
  • Approved connectors
  • Seals that meet the industry requirements
  • High-performance and reliable electronics
  • Wide variety of process connections


You need reliable, high-performance, safe instruments for your applications.

That's why our experts carefully select the instrumentation they deliver for the nuclear industry.