International Conference and Exhibition on Emission Monitoring

Fuji Electric will be attending the CEM Budapest and will introduce its on board Marine Certified S-Keeper 7TM Analyzer and its on land MCERT & TÜV EN 14181 Certified CEMS. Come and meet us on booth 46 - May 16th and 18th

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Atmospheric Emissions

Fuji CEM System for the Industrial Emissions Directive compliance and S-Keeper 7 for ships on-board emissions monitoring according to IMO MARPOL marine regulations

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Energy metering applications

Energy metering fo Liquids, gases, water steam and electric measurement. Data acquisition of measurement (pressure, temperature and flow) of recovery zones and flares. Flow measurement with differential pressure transmitter and averaged Pitot tube. Correction in pressure and temperature.

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Nuclear applications

Pressure transmitters are K3-A/1E and K3-AD/1E qualified (French Nuclear Electricty). K3-A/1E classified pressure transmitters are installed on levels REP900 MW, 1300 MW , N4 and third-generation EPR

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Topside et Subsea applications

Pressure transmitters for really high static differential pressure measurement. Depths down to 3500 metres. Measure differential pressures of 130 mbar at static pressures of up to 20 000 Psi (1380 bar). Perfect sealing, reliability over time and resistance to vibrations & temperature deviations.

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Pressure transmitters

The detecting cell in the FCX-All V5 series cover measurement ranges between 1 mbar and 500 bar in differential, relative and absolute pressure. They are also adapted for level, density, interface and rate measurements. Wide choice of remote seal mountings for specific applications.

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For 20 years our Fuji Electric France team have been dedicated to your satisfaction. Our cutting edge manufacturing facility guarantees that we can deliver the highest quality solution, tailored to your industry and application requirements, with competitive delivery times. In addition to our expertise in manufacturing pressure transmitters (differential, gauge, absolute, high static pressure and seals), we also have extensive knowledge and experience in the application and supply of the complete range of Fuji Electric instrumentation for measurement, control, regulation and gas analysis.

We are proud to continue providing solutions that include consultation, fault finding, diagnosis, commissioning, optimisation and maintenance. With high quality products and a highly skilled team, Fuji Electric France offers you the best solution for your application needs.

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