Fuji Electric FCX A-IV series high-precision pressure transmitter

Discover the new Fuji Electric FCX A-IV series pressure transmitter, an advanced industrial instrument for measuring pressure, flow, level and density.

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Instrumentation for chemical industries

Our pressure transmitters are designed for the harshest environments. Their excellent reliability and measuring accuracy will increase process performance to ensure maximum availability and optimize your operating costs.

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World's first clamp-on ultrasonic saturated steam flow meter

How do you measure the flow of steam without cutting the pipes? Discover our new technology....

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Pressure transmitter - Industrial pressure measurement
Flow meter - Flow measurement for liquids, water, gas and steam
Hydrostatic level measurement
Temperature measurement
Gas analysis
Energy Metering and Smart Meter
Temperature Control
Radiation monitoring
Monitoring and data acquisition

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Process instrumentation, pressure transmitter and gas analysis solutions

We help you create clean energy, save energy and preserve the environment of tomorrow.

Our expertise extends to pressure measurement, flow measurement, level measurement, temperature measurement, vibration monitoring, gas analysis, temperature control and radiation monitoring.

With Made in France differential pressure transmitter, gauge pressure transmitter, absolute pressure transmitter, hydrostatic level meter, high static pressure transmitter, and diaphragm seal pressure transmitter, Fuji Electric France guarantees the best manufacturing lead time and local service.

Thanks to the optimization of industrial processes, we contribute to the realization of energy savings with measuring instruments: industrial pressure transmitter, hydrostatic level sensor, ultrasonic flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, laser and infrared gas analyzer, dust monitoring, PID temperature controller, electronic personnal dosimeter and neutron survey meter, HMI Human Machine Interface and industrial IOT.

We support you throughout the product life cycle: study, planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance contract, trainingcalibration services, instruments repair.

Products are installed in more than
40 EMEA countries
2 factories and 6 sales offices
A team of
140 people


How to measure the flow rate through pipes of small diameters ?
29 September 2023

In any industrial process, accurate measurement of fluids is essential. This article focuses on the complex issue of fluid flow control in small-diameter piping, highlighting the modern solutions available.

Fuji Electric FCX-AIV series pressure transmitters obtain SIL 3 certification
29 September 2023

Fuji Electric's FCX-AIV pressure transmitters have achieved SIL 3 certification, testifying to their outstanding quality and reliability. This achievement reinforces our position as an innovative leader in the field of pressure measurement instruments.

Chemical or petrochemical manufacturing process : which instrumentation to choose ?
17 July 2023

Pressure measurement is used in many chemical or petrochemical manufacturing processes (distillation columns, reactors, separators, etc.). The excellent reliability and measurement accuracy of the measuring instruments chosen enable process performance to be enhanced to guarantee maximum availability and optimise operating costs.

Fuji Electric FCX A-IV series high-precision pressure transmitters
17 July 2023

Discover the new Fuji Electric FCX A-IV series pressure transmitter, an advanced industrial instrument for measuring pressure, flow, level and density. Benefit from its high accuracy and long-term stability.

How Does An Ultrasonic Meter Work: Unfolding the technology of Ultrasonic Flow Meters
15 July 2023

Ultrasonic flow meters, also known as ultrasonic meters, measure the flow velocity of fluids using sound waves. Their benefits include high accuracy, low maintenance, and negligible pressure loss. The technology continues to evolve, with advancements aiming to improve meter robustness and suitability for complex fluids.

Pottery kiln temperature controller: All you need to know
26 June 2023

Pottery kiln temperature controller is essential for obtaining accurate and consistent firing results. It allows the temperature to be controlled and adjusted throughout the firing process, ensuring optimum firing of the pottery.

How to choose the right flow meter? Flow meter types and their principles.
25 June 2023

Find out how to choose the right flow meter for your industrial needs with our top tips. Learn how to select the right device to optimise your processes and ensure accurate fluid measurement.

Revolutionizing Flow Metering : The Story of Ultrasonic Flow Meters
13 June 2023

Ultrasonic flow meters have undergone a remarkable transformation in the past decade, becoming one of the fastest-growing metering systems in the market. First developed in the 1960s, advances in signal processing technology have improved noise filtering and increased accuracy and efficiency for end-users across industries. Products tailored to specific applications have further revolutionized flow metering and made ultrasonic flow meters an increasingly popular choice for businesses around the world.

Optimising waters management with ultrasonic flowmeters
05 May 2023

Global warming and water shortages are forcing governments to put in place waters management policies that must respond to the current challenges and problems related to this resource. As part of these measures, it is necessary for water treatment plants, but also for municipalities, to find solutions to optimise the treatment and distribution of clean water and wastewater.Fuji Electric ultrasonic flow meter is an excellent solution to these new challenges.

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