World's first clamp-on ultrasonic saturated steam flow meter

How do you measure the flow of steam without cutting the pipes? Discover our new technology....

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Instrumentation for chemical industries

Our pressure transmitters are designed for the harshest environments. Their excellent reliability and measuring accuracy will increase process performance to ensure maximum availability and optimize your operating costs.

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Pressure measurement
Flow meter - Flow measurement for liquids, water, gas and steam
Hydrostatic level measurement
Temperature measurement
Gas analysis
Energy metering
Temperature Control
Radiation monitoring
Monitoring and data acquisition

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Process instrumentation, pressure transmitter and gas analysis solutions

We help you create energy and build the environment of tomorrow.

Our expertise extends to pressure measurement, flow measurement, level measurement, temperature measurement, vibration monitoring, gas analysis, temperature control and radiation monitoring.

With Made in France differential pressure transmitter, gauge pressure transmitter, absolute pressure transmitter, hydrostatic level meter, high static pressure transmitter, and diaphargm seal pressure transmitter, Fuji Electric France guarantees the best manufacturing lead time and local service.

Thanks to the optimization of industrial processes, we contribute to the realization of energy savings with measuring instruments: pressure transmitter, level sensor, ultrasonic flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, gas analyzer, dust measurement, temperature controller, electronic personnal dosimeter and radiation survey meter, PLC, HMI touch operator panel and industrial IOT.

We support you throughout the product life cycle: study, planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance contract, calibration and calibration services, instruments repair.

Products are installed in more than
40 EMEA countries
2 factories and 6 sales offices
A team of
140 people


How can compressed air efficiency be improved?
13 April 2022

Detect air leaks in your compressed air system without over-consuming your compressor: choose ultrasonic air flow measurement!

Compact low cost pressure transmitter or Process SMART pressure transmitter?
29 March 2022

The differences between compact analog low cost pressure transmitter and Smart process pressure transmitters can be difficult to understand. This article will help you make the right choice for your needs by discussing their advantages, limitations and examples of each type in use!

Paint booths: How to reduce energy consumption while maintaning optimum quality?
22 February 2022

The application and drying of paint are two decisive steps in the paint booth of your car bodywork. How can you reduce the energy consumption of this booth while ensuring optimal quality for your customers? Controlling the temperatures during the application and drying phases by using high-precision electronic control is one solution.

Heat Interface Units (HIUs) : Optimise your energy performance with our steam flow measurement solutions
17 February 2022

Choose the best solution to measure your steam production, maximize your energy efficiency and increase your profitability.

Which instrumentation for the chemical industry?
11 June 2020

Pressure measurement is used in many applications in chemical and petrochemical industrial processes (distillation columns, reactors, separators etc.). The excellent reliability and measuring accuracy of our equipment will increase the performance of your process to ensure maximum availability.

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