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A New Generation Of Pressure Transmitters

As a leader in the field of pressure measurement, Fuji Electric has an installed base of more than 1 000 000 FCX transmitters all around the world. Using leading edge technology in silicon chip manufacturing, FCX transmitters incorporate a high performance micro capacitance silicon sensor. In response to customer request, Fuji Electric has developed a new pressure transmitter : the FCX-AII.

The FCX-AII is a high performance transmitter, designed to solve the toughest of applications where special materials and design are needed. Offering a variety of measuring ranges, the FCX-AII is built and configured to meet individual application requirements in most markets.

Fuji Electric offers a "custom-made" technology modern equipments, near your production unit, to meet all of your specific requirements.

The FCX-AII pressure transmitter is “Smart”
and provide 4-20mA & superposed digital signals and use bilingual language capability
which uniquely provide Hart® and Fuji protocol as a standard. In addition, it can be supplied to communicate using either Foundation Fieldbus H1 or Profibus PA protocols.

Le The FCX-AII V5 pressure transmitter can also be configured using Hart® communication based software “Hart® Explorer” connected to your Laptop or PC. Configuration of the above parameters is possible and the settings can also be saved for future reference. It’s also possible to measure and record process values. The interface between the PC and the transmitter is performed by a mini modem USB/Hart® to guarantee the communication between the PC and the 4 to 20 mA loop of the transmitter.

The Fuji Electric hand held communicator (HHC) is a very useful configuration tool for the FCXAII transmitter. As a menu driven device the HHC can be used to remotely display and configure transmitter parameters :
  • Principle programmable parameters :

• Zero
• Type of output signal (linear ou √)
• Span
• Damping
• Burnouti
• Current generation
• Output signal   
• Tag
• Auto diagnostic
• Model number of the transmitter

  • Liquid crystal display using 4 lines and 16 characters
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Printer as an option

Using the Hart® communication protocol, the FCX-AII transmitter can also be configured by any Hart® protocol compatible hand held communicator.

Fuji Electric France is accridited with ISO quality certification AFAQ. The last update of the ISO 9001: version 2008 was successfully completed in October 2008 and provides quality assurance for our sales and manufacturing activities.

Approvals :
FM - CSA - JIS -
DVN-GL Marine Type Approval

Download ISO certificat

Download DVN-GL certificat



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