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Optimization of the combustion

You wish to make energy savings?
Fuji Electric France proposes you a whole range of analyzers for the optimization of the combustion of yours generators.

You better wish to master your processes?
Fuji Electric propose gas analyzers for continuous and extremely reliable measurements of CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, O2, HCl, NH3, CH4 and H2O.

You wish to put yourselves in accordance with the standards of control of the discharges in the atmosphere?
Fuji Electric France proposes you a whole range of CEMs fully certified QAL1 for the continous measurement of : NOx, SO2, CO and O2.

You wish to present your results in a clear and concise way?
Fuji Electric France proposes you its software specially developped to answer the official specifications.



The systems of analysis of gas CEMS allow the measure and the continuous control of the emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (CO and CO2), sulfur dioxide ( SO2), nitrogen oxides ( NOx) in smokes stemming from a combustion from natural gas, fuel oil, coal or industrial or urban waste. They consist of one or two NDIR analyzers, one analyzer of oxygen and of a set of preparation of the sample gas. They are designed and continuously upgraded by FUJI Electric France in order to comply with the latest European and local environmental regulations.

The systems of analysis from FUJI Electric France are fully qualified QAL1 by the TÜV following the standards EN 14181, EN ISO 14956 and EN 15267.

The CEMs FUJI Electric France, the fully qualified teacher QAL1, are constituted of :

  • A probe of taking with warmed outside filter
  • A warmed line for  transfer
  • A set of conditioning  (filters, cooler, pumps)
  • A NO2 / NO  converter for the measure of the NOx
  • A set of continuous multi-gas analyzers

Associated with the various features available on analyzers ZRJ, ZKJ and ZRE, it is possible to add optional video recorder, digital connection RS232 or RS485 or IT set with the software from FUJI Electric France specially developed to answer the requirements of the orders of June 20th, 2002 and July 30th, 2003.
Conceived to adapt itself easily to all the industrial installations and benefiting some experience of FUJI Electric France, manufacturer of industrial analyzers, the CEMS are for the user an economic "turnkey" solution, reliable and flexible. The technical team of FUJI Electric France can more propose any particular adaptations or quite other associated stationery such as certificate of calibration, installation, starting, training, service contract …

Please consult FUJI Electric France for any requests.

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